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Daisy Uniforms August 27, 2008

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100_1203 by you.

Example of Daisy uniform 2007-2008

I would recommend getting the uniform because of the unity it shows to all the girls at larger meetings. Like Boy Scouts the uniform is a fun part of getting into the spirit of Scouting. We started out slow getting the pieces over time and that made it affordable. Grandparents loved to be involved in this also. Only certain pieces are must have in Girl Scouting – the Apron or the Vest or Sash for example. We need a place to store all those badges and patches!!

You have pins, badges and assorted patches.  Now, where do they go? 

Here’s the answer.  These diagrams show the official placement of each item.  Only official Girl Scout insignia (membership pins, Daisy petals, Try-it’s, badges, Interest Project Patches, Junior Signs, Bronze, Silver and Gold Award pins, membership stars, etc.), belong on the front of the sash or vest.  Everything else – event patches, cookie sale patches, patches and pins purchased while visiting museums, historic sites and the like – should be on the back of the sash/vest.   

You can also find this and additional information at the back of the official Girl Scout catalog.


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